About Us

Tony Clarkson Holdings is a highly integrated investment boutique based in Sweden with a core focus on Asian region. The firm was founded in early 2018 with headquarters in Sweden and has made presences in Hong Kong and Stockholm.

Tony Clarkson’s mission is to leverage this unique platform to clients to provide independent and truly innovative investment solutions, tailored to reach all of the specific and diverse investment requirements of our Customers. The objectives and individual needs of our clients make up the essence of every business decision at Tony Clarkson Holdings.

We at Tony Clarkson Holdings enjoys unparalleled access to a large sophisticated investment network, which enables our customers a privileged window into a wide range of exclusive investment opportunities. This network is combined with our investment management capabilities and fully compliant internal structuring, make sure that we are capable to help navigate our clients smoothly through the complex world of investments.

Tony Clarkson Holdings provides a complete solution for Asian investors and a gateway to Asia for investors in other regions of world.

Transparent Investment

Tony Clarkson Holdings’ transparent and flexible investment platform offers our clients a unique value proposition which enables them to most effectively access a wide range of innovative investment strategies and ideas.

Tony Clarkson Holdings’ platform is based on a modular conception of third party and in-house offerings. We have different four distinct layers which allow us to facilitate innovative and complete client solutions tailored in most effective and intelligent way.


Tony Clarkson Holdings’ offers a unique network-based investment proposals, which is more focus on non listed company and select limited partnership opportunities.

Partner Investments:

We provide strategies which follows partner’s investment ideas and allocations. We express partner investments through internal and external fund allocations, as well as top conviction stand alone investments.

Market Access:

We are competence to advise our customers on their investment needs and then execute through a unique network of financial institutions across all capital markets and asset classes.

Building Blocks:

Tony Clarkson Holdings’ offering of scalable and original investment opportunities, executed through our company’s internal investment capabilities and fund management.

Investment Sectors

Sali Arche Holdings’ top priority is to continuously meet and exceed our client’s expectations and needs through trusted and independent advice. Sali Arche Holdings works with both private and institutional type of clients.

With the knowledge and experience of our top-notch research analysts, our research publications are highly acknowledged to rank amongst the most accurate and detailed.

We believe that personal relationships are always the best key to how we identify client needs and their investment parameters. While this approach is necessary in today’s challenging investment environment, we believe that mutual benefit comes with close relationships. It is not rare to see Sali Arche Holdings alongside our clients, making our client relationships a true partnership.

Solid Infrastructure

Tony Clarkson Holdings’ infrastructure is built to provide the best service to our clients. A strong infrastructure is the base for all of our business activities.

Tony Clarkson Holdings rapidly adapts with the fast changing and challenging regulatory environment. We employ comprehensive compliance and legal resources to support our business activities.

We regularly expand on them whenever we feel the need and remain open for new initiatives. Tony Clarkson Holdings has a wide range of partner banks in place and a very strong network of top-tier service providers for any kind of financial needs.

Why Us

At Tony Clarkson Holdings we are committed to provide best in class trading opportunities and support services to our clients with the premium resources, based on global standards.
What are the key benefits in investing with Tony Clarkson Holdings.

Account Management – We help you manage trades and investments across your multiple accounts.

Find Opportunities – We do extensive research and use analytic tools to generate trading ideas for you.

Risk Management – We help you build exit strategies and then automate them with alerts and conditional orders.

Our objective at Tony Clarkson Holdings is to provide our clients with neutral advice related to their specific needs.

Advantages with TCH

There are Hundreds of alternative investments and they are not all built equally. How do you choose from them, we will help you with it. We search the globe to find what we believe are the best in class managers and provide access to carefully crafted funds. When you are considering alternatives, we help you to make intelligent decisions.

We provide you with following:

  • We provide access to top-notch managers.
  • Help to chose strategies Intelligently.
  • Specialized expertise and experience in the industry.
  • Research is 100% focused.
  • Strong foundation.
  • Low minimums for all investments.
  • A Simplified Administration

Our Philosophy

At Tony Clarkson Holdings, we are focused and will continue to be focused exclusively on the region and on financing Swedish and Hong Kong based businesses and projects. This dedicated approach enables us to understand the specific challenges, limitations and risks of each opportunity.

Our approach is to first identify the genuine opportunities present in the region and then to evaluate and manage any risks for our clients. We put in significant time and resources in monitoring political, social, macro-economic and commercial events that could affect the activities of our clients.

We share all this knowledge with our clients and partners on an on-going basis through regular written publications and dialogue, as well as bespoke research. Local research and market knowledge is fundamental for our success, as well as being an important tool for both trading and advisory activities.

Tony Clarkson Holdings has developed a very close working relationship with most of our international institutional equity and debt capital providers with an interest in Sweden. Our clients can thus be confident of benefitting from an focused and informed approach to accessing relevant international lenders and investors.

As guiding principle, Tony Clarkson Holdings is driven by the core values of professional excellence, team work, integrity, commitment, entrepreneurship and strong corporate governance.

Social Responsibility

As one of the biggest investment companies in Sweden, Tony Clarkson Holdings continues the tradition of responsible business industry by contributing to different public projects. We believe in and are focused on our social investments in healthcare, social care projects, etc. So far Tony Clarkson Holdings is been already supporting multiple educational projects, cultural projects, and many social initiatives as well.

At Tony Clarkson Holdings our employees are our most valuable asset. We actively support and reward efforts of each of our employees to keep pursuing their passion in the community and in the workplace as well. Our employees frequently engage in delivering different projects and also working in collaboration with others foundations to help local communities there.

We aim at building the highly professional and creative atmosphere to all of our team members. We understand the responsibility of the company and to the society by its employees, we praise our employees to actively participate in education, business and other communities to support the process of sharing experience and ideas.



We’re a fun, driven, smart group of people at Tony Clarkson Holdings which is dedicated to transforming the Technology Investment industry.

Tony Clarkson Holdings provides a wide range of work experience and learning opportunities through our asset management businesses which includes hedge fund solutions, private equity funds, credit oriented funds, closed-end mutual funds, and our many different financial advisory services which includes financial & strategic advisory, reorganization & restructuring advisory and fund placement advisory service.

Fill out your details in out Contact us form or send us an email at Info@tonyclarkson.net to join our team of extremely talented Investment managers.

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General Fund Risk Disclosure:

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  • A fund represents a speculative investment and involves a high degree of risk. An investor could lose all or a substantial portion of his/her investment. Investors must have the financial ability, sophistication/experience & willingness to bear the risks of an investment in a fund.
  • An investment in a fund should be discretionary capital set aside strictly for speculative purposes.
  • An investment in a fund is not suitable or desirable for all investors. Only certain persons meeting certain additional eligibility criteria may invest in a fund.
  • A fund may employ leverage and other investment techniques, and such leverage & other investment techniques may result in increased volatility of the fund’s performance & increased risk of loss.
  • A fund may trade in commodities, futures & other derivatives, which may increase the risk of loss of the fund. Fund investments are illiquid & there are generally significant restrictions on transferring interests in a fund. There will likely be no secondary market for the interests of a fund.
  • A fund may have limited or no operating history.
  • The investment manager of a fund may have certain discretionary authority over the fund’s assets.
  • A fund may invest in a limited number of securities or instruments, which could result in a limited degree of diversification and higher risk.
  • A fund generally involves a complex tax structure, which should be reviewed carefully. A fund’s investment strategy may cause delays in important tax information being sent to investors.
  • The management fees of a fund’s investment manager may be substantial regardless of whether the fund has a positive return, and will offset the fund’s profits.
  • A fund is not required by regulators to provide periodic pricing or valuation information to investors.
  • There are likely to be a number of conflicts of interest or potential conflicts of interest in connection with an investment manager’s management of fund assets.

The above summary is not a complete list of the risks and other important disclosures involved in investing in funds. Before making any investment in a fund, investors are advised to thoroughly and carefully review offering documentation with their financial, legal and tax advisors to determine whether an investment is suitable.

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